Minecraft Gaming Camps For Kids

Let your little gamers embark on a Minecraft adventure at our Gaming Camps For Kids!

*Summer Sign-Up Are Now Live*

Spring break & Summer is a great time for kids to get away from school and have some fun. What better way to do that than by attending a Minecraft camp? Minecraft camps are a great way for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and have an unforgettable experience.


There are many different Minecraft camps available, so you can find one that is perfect for your child's interests and age. Some camps focus on teaching kids how to code, while others focus on creative building or even game design. There are also camps that are specifically designed for younger children or for children with special needs.


No matter what your child's interests are, there is sure to be a Minecraft camp out there that they will love. So why not sign them up today? They're sure to have a blast!


Here are some things to consider when choosing our Minecraft camp for your child:


·    Age: Our Minecraft Gaming Camps are for children ages 7-14, but there may also be some camps available for older children and even adults.

·    Location: Our Minecraft Gaming Camps are available at Keating Computers.

·    Cost: Minecraft camps can range in price based on camp length and possible drop-in days.

·    Activities: Our camps focus on Creative Building & Survival.

Week 1 = Creative: Skin Customization, Pixel Art, Geometric Shape Building, Architectural Design and more.
Week 2 = Survival: Collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, and explore the world in an effort to survive.

·    Staff: We will ensure that the camp is staffed by experienced and qualified professionals who can provide a safe and fun environment for your             child.

We would love to offer many great Minecraft experiences for kids. You're sure to find that this course is a perfect fit for your child. So why not sign them up today? They're sure to have a blast!
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for courses or drop-in classes available for ages 15+ in the future.

Each week of classes will be $400 +  Taxes.

You can save $25 per week per week if you sign your child/children up for both Creative & Survival weeks. ($375/w + Taxes) 

Summer Dates are as follows:
July 8 -12 2024 = Creative
July 15-19 2024 = Survival
July 22-26 2024 = Creative

August 12-16 2024 = Creative
August 19-23 2024 = Survival
August 26-30 2024 = Creative

Classes will run from 9:30AM - 3:30PM

We currently have a max capacity of 10 kids per week..  Please contact us at 778-351-0030 or Minecraft@keatingcomputers.com for more information.
Here are the forms required to be filled out before payment.
*Formatting for the forms may seem off when viewing within Google Docs.*

When you have filled out the forms. Please send completed forms to Minecraft@keatingcomputers.com. We will email you with payment information once we have the minimum amount of five kids to do a camp.

There will be a $50 deposit to ensure your child has a seat in the class or classes he chooses to be a part of. You can E-Transfer the deposit to Keatingcomputers@shaw.ca. Please indicate which week(s) of the camp the deposit is for.

Medical Form & Code of Conduct Form:

Camp Sign Up Form: